Venturing into Crypto Currency Summary

I spent some time (3 weeks ) going and exploring the world of cryptocurrency and trying out new things. I even made a blog called adventure bitcoin so if you want to check it out, the link will be below.

The blog just tells you what we did and how we attempted to earn as much coin as possible with limited resources. So far I got about $1.20 CAD worth of Bitcoin so that was fun. We even explored many online websites to see if we could mine online and it was actually decently hard to find them that were FREE. 

I even tried real bitcoin mining on one of my PCs and well, it failed due to my capped hash per second and that it took way too much internet and power. The hash was so bad that it barely made a difference in the pool mining so that took out all the fun for 2 hours.
Picture of me mining.
If you want to check out more about our adventure, please visit:


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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