Blackberry making an android phone!??

Have you ever heard of the phrase “if you can’t beat them, join them”? Well, according to Reuters, blackberry has finally decided to leave Blackberry OS and pivot to the android OS market. With designs that include a touchscreen and a physical keyboard, blackberry might regain some ground by incorporating their signature Blackberry OS 10 features with a new OS that includes an all new AppStore that includes many great business apps included and a good open-source environment makes android a market leader and could be vital to blackberry’s survival.

Personally, I am an IOS kind of guy and I love Apple’s basic GUI. I do love android too but I mainly prefer IOS. I don’t own a blackberry device but maybe this might change my view on blackberry forever.

Surprisingly, blackberry OS survived the invasion of android and IOS which damaged Nokia Symbian’s market share gravely but will the new Operating system change the company’s fate after major budget cuts in 2012? Or will it backfire? Speaking of blackberry, has anyone seen the blackberry playbook anymore?


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