Zimbabwean Dollar is useless!

Since Zimbabwe isn’t the wealthiest of countries or one of the most advanced country’s (no offense), the Zimbabwean Dollar is finally almost worthless. Which means that it will take a lot of money just to get $1 USD (about $250 trillion ZWD to be exact!). But there is a solution, either make a new Fiat Currency, use a different currency example: USD, CAD, EURO. Or they could use cryptocurrency. If they use cryptocurrency, they will make history in becoming the first country to make a digital currency it’s official currency. But the major problem is the resources to create the solution. With a Fiat currency, you need some time to get it to a reasonable value but with a digital currency, all you need is power, internet and a miner so you could mine cryptocurrency.

Will a person create enough mining power to actually make a profit from mining the currency? Is it a good choice? Well, first of all, NO, you require a full mine or dedicated machines to help mine the cryptocurrency so that it could be traded, sold and bought. Secondly, YES it is a good choice. Cryptocurrency is way more random and the value keeps fluxuating and since an entire country is using it, the need for it will bring up it’s value.


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