FREE wifi in NYC??

Even though I am blogging from Canada, I was looking at the Digital Journal and found that Sidewalk Labs is planning to install wifi towers all over New York so that users can use wifi for FREE. In order to set up this massive project, the startup is planning to use the old payphone booths and redesign them to become hotspots and since there are so many around, it is pretty easy to be in range of one. Even better, the booths will also allow users to make FREE calls throughout the United States and provide vital information about transportation. As a bonus, each booth can even charge your phone while you surf the FREE internet and in return, the startup is gonna generate $500 million in ad revenue to the city.

I find this a pretty well idea but the problem is the internet and phone companies. Since there will be a state wide internet hotspot, users can cancel their own internet plans so eventually big companies such as At&T might have to cut costs or shut down by the amount of users leaving their services. Also, since VoIP and wifi calling/texting is so popular for some people nowadays, cellphone users will finally be able to cancel their cellphone plans which will also be a problem for Sprint Mobile. Since a decent amount of people don’t leave New York every year, the coverage of the internet will be so good that it is good enough for people.

What do you think about this? A good idea or something that will destroy companies? Argue it out in the comments!


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