Review: The new 8.4 update

Originally I didn’t know how to get Apple Music on IOS version 8.3 until I figured out that there was a hidden update that wasn’t shown, the 8.4 update. After installing the update, I launched the Music app which had a logo change to find two options, either get the 3 month trial or go to your music. I first tried the 3 month trial but noticed that my itunes account had insufficient funds in it so I might have to reload more funds. After, I launched the Go to Music button and it gave me a whole new interface. The interface turned out really good but I didn’t like the unecessary items like Connect or the songs based on artists. 

While checking the Songs section, I noticed that it was all sorted out by artists and the undetectable songs were mushed into a separate folder. To combat this problem of not finding my music properly, I put all my songs in playlists so it would be easier to find by genre. But the good thing is that they put the now playing bar at the bottom so that I can see which song is playing faster and easier.

The Playlists section didn’t change much other than the recently added bar. I found the search bar was put as a button which was a good choice because with the last music app versions, I kept selecting the search bar while going through my music. 

The Radio part was copying Spotify extremely because it was a number of radio stations that was built in but sadly you can’t listen to magic 101.3 or Hot 89.9 like a regular radio which made Android better. 

I found the Connect pretty stupid because it showed your preferred artist’s activities on itunes which I found very confusing because it shoved Maroon 5’s status in my face.

All in all, I rather Spotify with it’s offline playing, cheaper plans and abilities. Apple Music is pretty much copying Spotify intensely so I am just staying with Spotify and using the Music App as a regular music app.


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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