Ninjastik offers encrypted Bitcoin Wallet

Well, have you ever been scared of someone hacking into your IP to steal your bitcoins? Well, it takes a lot of skill to do it without you noticing but there are people out there that can do it. Ninjastik has found a way to stop all that! Ninjastik is a company that sells USB drives that when booted up, encrypt and hide your IP. But my main feature that I want to try out is the Bitcoin Wallet that is integrated into the drive. Ninjastik says that there is almost no way that a Ninjastik will get a fatal virus and since it uses an encrypted IP, no one will know where to start. I found this very cool since yesterday, I had to take out 14 cases of spyware and 2 cases of Trojan horses from my computer. Also since Ninjastik runs on Lubuntu Linux, it will be way more flexible in terms of software so you can load your favourite clients and applications into it as well. The device itself costs $35 for the 8GB Lite version that uses USB 2.0 but if you want more storage and a much faster USB drive, you could chose up to the $80 PRO with 32GB storage and USB 3.0.
I did ask Ninjastik if I could have a sample to do a review and it should be shipping in several weeks so be prepared for it.
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