Samsung goes to court!

Recently, thanks to Techradar we now know that Samsung and Oppo are going to court after being sued by the Shanghai Consumer Rights Protection Commission for “preinstalling useless apps” on their handsets. They are also being sued for being responsible for the data that the useless preinstalled apps “stole”. Since most of those apps are by default “stuck there”, it will continue using data until it is disabled. But many users don’t know how to do this so they have to pay overuse fees. With only 15 days to take back their customers, I think Samsung needs a lot of good defense to win this.

To find out the amount of “preinstalled junk” on the devices of both companies, they brought in 20 phones from different companies and in the end found that the Samsung Galaxy Note 3 had 44 apps preinstalled while the Oppo Find 7a had a record breaker (for my standards) of 71 apps!
No wonder I never buy these phones. I do own a Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 but there aren’t many preinstalled apps in it. First of all, my storage is 8GB and secondly, I actually use some of them. In the end, Samsung might lose some of their Chinese consumers but that won’t be so bad since they are based in Korea. What company that will really be affected will be Oppo which is based in China itself.
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