Weekend Bitcoin Review

Well, Weekend Bitcoin guarantees 1000 Satoshi per hour and is honest about that. Everytime I go onto weekendbitcoin, It gives me 1000 satoshi anytime, anywhere. Also, it will go into your balance before payout and the minimum payout is 10000 satoshi which is about $0.03 CAD. I found this payout minimum easy to reach and it will go directly to your account. It even offers a several more of their apps that can help you get even more satoshi. For example on their website, if you download Bitcoin Aliens through the official website, you get an instant 10k satoshi. Also it even offers a service where you get paid in Bitcoin for reading books and stories. I checked the other options out and all of them just take time, not skill or resources, time. Most of the time I don’t touch Bitcoin Aliens or the book reading one because i am always low on time but I should learn about being patient all the time. In conclusion, I found the website pretty useful and I will be using it along side freedogecoin and freebitcoin. you can check them out here:






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