Reviewing Android Lollipop skin for Dodol theme

I had this installed on my Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 and I since my tablet is old, I couldn’t upgrade it to the newest Android OS 5.1 from 4.0. After looking at the minimum specs for the operating system, I decided that I wanted to get rid of the classic Samsung touchwiz theme and install a more simpler and nicer theme that didn’t look like it was from the Symbian-era. So as I searched through the Google Play store, I laid my eyes upon a skin for the Dodol theme called Android Lollipop theme. As I installed it, it was pretty easy and simple and even gave less than 5 instructions. As soon as I installed it, my tablet looked way more professional and friendlier imediately. Even though some of the apps still didn’t have a custom icon, the rest were enlarged to become more square and simpler. With bright colors and a simple look, it was actually what I was looking for.

I highly recommend this for anyone that owns an older tablet because of the features it adds. It even ads a task bar at the bottom and moved the apps button to the middle of the bottom home bar. At the low price of FREE, it is a deal that cannot be passed. I found it looked spectacular but my problem was that it got rid of my touchwiz widgets such as my calendar.

You can check it out:

Android Lollipop theme - screenshot  Android Lollipop theme - screenshot Android Lollipop theme - screenshot

apps page                                home screen folder                Home screen


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