Apple leaks iPod 6 info

Originally, we all thought that Apple was ending the support and production of the Apple IPod after hiding the IPod tab on the official Apple website. But recently, Apple leaked the specs, design and price for the iPod 6 which should be released this year (if it doesn’t get delayed by another year). Well, Apple has said that it will sport a super fast A9 processor which should beat the iPhone 5s and 6 but as well as Touch ID integration to resemble the iPhone. Also, it will give you the option of either a screen size of 4.7″ or 5.5″. But that is not all, Apple has boosted up the maximum built in storage of the device so that you can buy it with either 16GB-128GB of storage. Last but not least is the price. With so many features and high specs, you’d think it would cost $1000 since it sounds like the iPhone 6 Plus but it is rumoured that it actually costs a moderate price of only $250 for the 16GB version.
Should people buy it?
Well, after going through 2 generations of  iPods which are the 4th and the 5th, I found that I prefer IOS over Android. But my next device will not be an IPod but I am planning to get a smartphone. But there is a big price difference between the iPod and the iPhone. Even though the price for an iPhone 4s has decreased to $200 which is about the price of a iPod 5 with the exact same specs, we might be seeing a price drop with the iPhone 5s and 5c since the iPod 6 will beat their specs. I welcome the iPod 6 to the battlefield but I will not buy it. With these specs at only $250, I find that this is actually a good price. 



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