How is Bitcoin rising again with the help of Greece?

Well, thanks to the Greek financial problems, the demand for Bitcoin has increased so much that it is rising by the dollar. With more Greeks going to Bitcoin, the Drachma has been left to the dust and the Euro is struggling in Greece. Since Greece is having some problems after setting a limit for Euros being withdrawn from the banks, Greece thinks it has everything under control, but their wrong. At just a 60 Euro withdraw limit, Greece has thought that it has everything under control but it doesn’t. Greece has forgotten the lives of the people. Since many companies have denied sales to Greece online and at retail stores, Greeks have instead switched to Bitcoin to dodge the problem. With the switch, it is actually a little bit harder to find stores that ACTUALLY accept Bitcoin but I’m pretty sure that it is way more safer to use Bitcoin than the Euro at this time.

Since Greece is in debt by a lot, the only way that Greece can get rid of the debt is to get a company or a country to buy them out of debt. The best candidate for this is actually Apple inc. no joke. In 2012, an investor went up to Tim Cook asking him if he was interested in bailing Greece out of debt but Tim Cook wasn’t interested. With $178 billion at Apple’s disposal, Right now Greece’s debt is about $380,061,238,962 which Apple could help Greece with half of it’s debt. Well, it would be profitable for Apple to do this in some ways but it could also be a very weird thing to do with that much money. But at least it isn’t as much as the USA’s debt of $18 trillion. lol


As you see here, the expenses are higher than the revenue by a LOT


Sorry for so many articles about Bitcoin. Right now I am migrating adventurebitcoin and also the Greek Debt Crisis actually interests me.


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