Reviewing Bitcoin Flapper

When I launched the app, it gave me several choices to choose from. Either I could go into a regular tournament, challenge a friend or I could configure my bitcoin wallet. When I entered tournament mode, I got paired up with random people that I don’t even know which is actually weird. But I still don’t know how Bitcoin Flapper found my WordPress profile picture. As I was playing, the sprite (character) in the game was an oval shape that would lift itself up on one side and so on. I found this annoying because I always hit the pipes because of it. While playing, I found that there was a high score count as well as a small amount of prize satoshi given to the winners of each match. When you lose a match, it will give you 2 options: either start a new match or you could look at your open games that are still happening after you lost.
It is a fun way to actually win satoshi and requires skill. It shows random people that you are skilled at one thing- gaming and you earn free money from gaming.
The prize money amount is very small and takes forever to reach the withdrawal minimum. Also when you reach the withdrawal minimum, when you withdraw, the transaction fee is greater than the satoshi you are getting which sucks.
Therefore, I recommend it as a break game just for fun. I do not recommend it for hardcore bitcoin faucet users.


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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