Must have bitcoin related apps for IOS

Last night I couldn’t sleep so I installed 4 different apps for IOS. here is my list of 4 must have apps that get you Dogecoin and bitcoin with ease.:

1. Sarutobi
This app is a 8-bit feeling game only for IOS that tips players in Bitcoin. Since the goal of the game is to collect bananas while trying to get the longest distance possible. For me, I recommend playing the swing thing because it is way easier to get Bitcoin and is more intense. Originally you could withdraw 100 bits when you collected 10 in-game coins but  now with a new update, you can withdraw 100 bits with only 3 coins. It’s a fun way to earn like $0.03.

2. Doge Faucet

My second recommendation is Doge Faucet. When you enter your doge coin address into the app, it will automatically add it to a faucet when you visit through the app. It was actually really useful so I didn’t need to copy and paste the wallet address. All I just needed to do was do the recapcha.

3. Blockchain wallet

Block chain is my main wallet because of the simplicity. On the mobile app, there is pretty much only 3 tabs: transactions, send and receive. I like it a lot because on the transactions page, there is the confirmations that the transaction got. It even offers a 4 digit code before entering your wallet so that with the passcode on your device, there is 2 security checkpoints.

4. Coinbase

The newest version of Sarutobi actually by default sends the payments to Coinbase. Coinbase’s mobile app is actually a little more advanced than blockchain’s but I still prefer blockchain. Coinbase’s actually offers a little more things to do with your wallet but at least it isn’t as secure as Xapo.

There you have it, my 4 must have apps for Bitcoin and dogecoin. I’m just waiting for my Ninjastik to arrive in 4 weeks and also I am right now at the Vancouver airport.


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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