Bitcoin, not dogecoin to the moon

Over the last 2 weeks, Bitcoin value has increased and is still on a positive trend. At a starting price of about $266 at the start, it has grown to about $282. With the gradual growth, bitcoin’s name can replace dogecoin’s motto “dogecoin to the moon”. Maybe Bitcoin can eventually regain it’s value of over $1000 which crashed in the exchange several years back. At this rate of growth, my Bitcoin wallet value would grow in value. My test wallet is $2.16 right now it but if the bitcoin reached $1000 in value, I could have $8 for a wallet value. Since Litecoin’s value crashed by 35% a few days ago and dogecoin is still in it’s third place position, I suggest that Bitcoin would be the safest option other than dogecoin. I don’t find any use for $2 worth of Bitcoin but maybe I can get some CounterStrike skins? 

After exploring crypto notes, they are actually easier to mine but they have a really small value. When mining Bytecoin, it took 100 hash per second to mine with all my 8 cores because it uses CPU and not GPU. It was only generating a small amount but I saw that it was better if I just traded it than keep it because it is quite worthless until you reach at least 250 bytecoins. Actually, when I was trying out latinum- a new cryptocurrency that can only be bought or given away, I found it actually a good cryptocurrency because your computer can’t be turned into a zombie miner which mines cryptocurrency without you knowing. Since you cannot mine it, it will force people to put it on an exchange but I find that just keeping it is cool enough. 


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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