Why I love the IBM Lenovo Thinkpad

As I believe we all know, I own an IBM Lenovo Thinkpad t60 and I just love it. Well, do you people know why I like it? It’s still got an Intel core 2 duo and 2GB RAM but I still use it, but why?

Let’s get started. When I got it, I just loved the classic IBM keyboard and professional feeling. Since Lenovo bought IBM’s consumer PC lines, it started to make massive improvements to he Thinkpad with marketing and the Thinkpad itself. Well, at the beginning IBM was just pretty much targeting the business side of the markets with industrial computers which only business people would like but after selling the PC lines to Lenovo, the Think series started to expand towards personal computing markets which turned out pretty decent because of the durability of a Thinkpad and a ThinkCenter. It is so popular that I see it at the library, professional companies and even schools. 
When I got my Thinkpad, I upgraded it to a 100GB HDD to replace it’s 40GB one but I also installed a fresh copy of Windows 7 home premium because windows XP professional’s support was ended. With 2GB of ram, 100GB HDD, Intel core 2 duo and 256MB of graphics memory makes my t60 a decent laptop even though it weighs more than 4 pounds. But my most prized component on my Thinkpad is the classic keyboard. The newest Thinkpad nowadays no longer have the same keyboard, instead they have the now popular spaced out keys keyboard. Since all Thinkpad keyboards offer the mouse in the middle of the keyboard, I found it a great alternative to a traditional mouse or if your mouse is broken.


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