CSL’s service

So, I bought a SIM card for my phone today and since it was CSL, I haven’t tried it so I thought it was good. After texting my friend 2 times. I put my phone in my pocket after use. For some reason, when I checked my text messages after, it said I sent 18 total text messages. I got outraged and and while looking at the conversation, it was there, 16 extra text messages of random letters. Typed from the keyboard itself. For some reason, the phone managed to turn on, go to the text messenger and start typing up random messages with my leg. First of all, how would an android phone do that? Secondly, CSL wouldn’t give me my credit back. After calling CSL, they said that the messages have already sent (like no duh) and they couldn’t return the credit. Since this is a first for me, the service wasn’t very friendly any bit like the Canadian companies that listen to the story and understand. I felt like this was really unfair because I lost $12 for something I didn’t do and I felt robbed. When I used China mobile a while back, there was no problem with their service whatsoever but the service was different with CSL. I originally thought they would give me back the credit after all, this does happen rarely but they denied this. After 30 min of arguments, I didn’t get what I deserved. 

I am no longer gonna be using CSL for my phone plan after this bad service.


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