Reviewing the Ninjastik

A couple of weeks ago, the kind folks at Ninjastik sent me a sample of their Ninjastik. After trying it out, I actually quite liked it. Using 256 bit security, USB based operating system and Torproject integration, the Ninjastik delivered an outstanding performance by putting all 3 of those features on the Ninjastik making it the easy to use. The boot up time was decent but I really liked the interface. Ninjastik put it’s own custom operating system in the USB but it sort of looks like a mix between Windows XP and Linux.

When you recieve your Ninjastik, it will come in a luxurious black box that has the Ninjastik in the box and the logo on it. You will also receive a users manual but luckily it is only like 3 pages of bullet points.

Using the Ninjastik was pretty simple, just push it into the USB thingy and select the Ninjastik as the boot device. Like Linux, it will boot from the USB smoothly and won’t affect your harddrive.

What I was really looking forward to was the Bitcoin wallet. Since the wallet uses Electrum’s Bitcoin Wallet, I was using a pretty simple wallet but this is good news because I can’t even touch my Xapo wallet anymore without phone verification. Since Ninjastik offers 256 bit security and dual password locks before accessing the files, why sir/ma’am you got yourself a Bitcoin BANK.

Fun idea:

If you do computer repairs, you can just use a Ninjastik to test the computer than using a harddrive if a harddrive isn’t available.


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