Story Saturday: my otterbox experience

For this story Saturday I am bringing you the story of how my Otterbox broke my home button. It happened about 3 weeks ago but I think we can also talk about the recent events that happened to my iPod.

When I bought my Xiaomi phone, I wanted to clean up my iPod to use it without the case due to the case`s bad touch recognition. Once I got the case off and started cleaning the device, I noticed the home button completely wasn`t functioning so I put the Otterbox back on and it still wouldn’t work. since I got scared, I started to find guides to getting my home button to rise again but nothing worked. Several weeks later, I went to the Apple store to see if I could get my device repared but they said I was out of warranty and since the iPod was a sealed unit, I would need to buy a whole new one. Getting rejected by the Apple store got me thinking of just upgrading with the out of warranty cost to an iPhone 5 but tech support wouldn`t let me. Just yesterday, I got the black screen of death and completely blew it on Apple, sorry… Since Apple wouldn`t help me, I decided to see if I could repair it myself but after finding that the ipod 5 generation offers a repairability rating of 3 out of 10 which means it is almost impossible without at least replacing the screen after removing it with the heat gun and you need to be a master of soldering.

Finally I decided to leave it and migrate to my Xiaomi completely and now I am really pissed at Otterbox design for the home button.

Since I wasn’t expecting this, I  am now saving up for a new iPhone. So, Anyone have an iPhone 4s they can spare? ����


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