PayAnywhere supports Apply Pay

On August 27, 2015, I learned that the company PayAnywhere (some North American Bancard company) released a new feature for their card readers. The cardreader could now integrate Apply Pay support bringing in a new audience of users. The device itself will be available in the Apple Store next month offering merchants $5000 in free transaction processing with a new PayAnywhere account. With a retail price of $39.95, it’s price bashes the competitors comparing it with the standard Ingenico card reader at $310, it offers more diverse ways to pay. Even though it can’t beat the Square reader at a price of $10 or the Staples reader at $5.29, it still offers Apple Pay support making it able to out maneuver it’s competitors (traditional cash register card readers) at only a fraction of the price.

Well, I will be doing a livestream to tryout


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