Get cyber defense to Def 1 kid-friendly sites are collecting data!

After reading CBC news, I found out 2 minutes ago that some kid/teen-friendly websites actually ask for more information than ordinary. Since the internet is such a vast place and can hide your identity with a Ninjastik and voice changer, there is a big chance that evil Adults, kids and Aliens will, wait… ALIENS!??

But you gotta watch out for the social networking sites exclusively. Since they ask for very personal information such as date of birth, phone number or email, kids need to be careful before they give out too much sensitive information. 
“According to a Global Privacy Survey looking at 1,494 apps and websites targeted at or popular with children. They include games, educational and social media websites and apps, and sites hosted by kid-friendly organizations like museums and zoos”  (Reuters)
In this quote there are at least 1,494 apps and websites that are kid-friendly and are owned by professional organizations and companies but what about the other bajillion apps and websites on the internet? I warn ye, keep your noses into the behavior of kids. If they seen too suspicious, get ready to go all Sherlock Holmes on them because if you find the website or app suspicious, it might as well be a fraud or some company that needs a interface change.
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