is still the best high paying faucet

Still looking for that faucet that gives you the most Dogecoin on faucetbox? I have told you once, now I’ll tell you twice that you gotta use because they give you a constant 11 Dogecoins every hour which if you multiply by the 9 hours you spend online puts the total at a total of 99 Dogecoins. Almost a hundred a day. In a year, you could earn over 36,000 Dogecoins in total if the rewards don’t change.
Let’s talk about the Dogecoin position on the exchange. So far, Dogecoin is one of the safest cryptocurrencies around with a practically constant exchange rate of $0.00017 which puts it the 3rd most popular and yet safest cryptocurrency around. With the drops of Bitcoin (which fell to $230) and Litecoin to $1.50 this year, Dogecoin hasn’t really had a big fall.
Now if you’ll excuse me, the one hour wait time is almost up and I need to get back to the faucet.
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