Dogecoin out of the race?

Hah! not a chance! Dogecoin is still in the top 10 most used cryptocurrencies in the world but it has dropped from it’s original position of #3, just behind Bitcoin and Litecoin. Some say that the fire keeping Dogecoin alive is fading but I think their wrong. Like what somebody said “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger” and maybe after reading this post, we could continue Dogecoin’s goal of going to the moon.
Like the Codename: Kids next door, Dogecoin is still strong but is lacking value. But the big question is “should I convert my doge to litecoin?”. The answer is sadly yes because I don’t know how long Dogecoin will last in the competitive market.
ZimoNitrome made a video in 2014 for the hypevideo contest about Dogecoin which I actually love and enjoy. Check it out below
By The way, If you are interested in the Kids Next door, you could sign the petition for a Greenlight Galactic Kids next Door pilot episode.


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