Story Saturday: Ready for school?

Just to get one thing out there, I am not excited for school! On September 8th, the Ottawa Catholic School Board is starting the school year and since I got my Presto card on Wednesday, I’m gonna have to take the OC Transpo. After checking the OC Transpo website, it was literally the hardest thing to navigate with the travel planners, routes and locations. The worst thing was that I couldn’t even find the route I was looking for!

I’m going into grade 9 this year so it’s a lot to take in on the first few weeks. I even chose Intro to Business as my elective! What an interesting choice just to keep boredom out of my life. Lots of things change this year such as time table changes, 4 courses a day, volunteer hours and even homework… I hope I can find time to at least make 3 articles a week on my blog but let’s see what happens on September 8.


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