Getting Steam to accept Dogecoin

I’m trying to not make Dogecoin the dominant altcoin on Adventure Bitcoin but since Dogecoin is slacking behind, it gets my attention. Since Steam is unwilling to accept cryptocurrencies and can only accept Fiat currencies when you pay for their stuff, it kinda makes me freak out when I have just enough Dogecoin to get that add-on. It’s frustrating but that is why a member of Sakura Kaminari decided to put a petition to Steam telling them they need to accept Dogecoin as a form of payment.
Even though Steam doesn’t accept any cryptocurrencies, you can probably still buy Steam cards with the coins. I fully support this awkward but interesting petition for why the community wants Dogecoin to be an official form of payment on Steam. Since Dogecoin is falling rapidly, Steam could be able to bring Dogecoin’s value back up.
Want to sign the petition?


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