Nokia C1 as Nokia’s comeback?

It’s 11 PM here in Ottawa but I just wanted to tell you all that Nokia might be coming back to the phone market. Even though Nokia sold it’s phone parts to Microsoft, it still retains the right to design a smartphone.

Rumor has it that Nokia will be calling the new device the C1 and it will be running Android (probably with the Nokia launcher). The device itself will boast an Intel Atom processor, 2 GB RAM, 5″ screen, 8MP back and 5mp from camera.

Most likely Nokia will continue with it’s plastic shell that it has used on the Lumia and N1 tablet devices but what if Nokia went a little more classy and used an aluminum shell? Wow, I would buy that!

After the failure of Nokia Symbian operating system, Nokia has joined Blackberry in surrendering to Android. Wait… if Nokia wants to release the C1 Android phone and Blackberry wants to release the “venice” Android phone, that means the world will be dominated by 3 important companies. Google, Microsoft and Apple with their mobile and computer operating systems.

You can check the full specs at:

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