Search Trade’s search engine lets users earn Bitcoin

Well this is new, a search engine that allows users to earn Bitcoin through searching the internet. A user his/herself will earn a certain amount of Bitcoin depending on how popular the keyword is searched. After trying out the web demo, I thought it could practically replace Google as a search engine due to it’s simplicity and you could even earn some income just doing what millions of people do daily.
So, Search Trade is starting to sell random keywords but for a price of 0.4 BTC per keyword. Whether it is potato, mashed potato, potato soup, etc you will get paid for the words potato, soup, mashed, etc. The demo even includes an integrated store that stores your keywords so that you could earn BItcoin but as well as a fully functioning wallet that will allow you to send and receive coins.
More ways to earn?
From today, it will take another 99 days until the search engine goes live but you can try out the demo. Search Trade will even offer a mobile app so that you can even earn Bitcoin just by searching with your mobile phone since the majority of us use Google on our phones. Plus, if you can’t seem to find what you’re looking for, you can still earn Bitcoin.
If you go to you could try out the demo yourself and buy the keywords.
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