Choosing freelance

Hello there! As we all don’t know, I am still a freelance journalist trying to get a position at a tech news website. But why did I chose freelance? Why not part-time? Well, first of all, I chose freelance because my schedule is flexible and I can chose my working hours. For example, I work on the Technology Is Key blog, Adventure Bitcoin blog, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, and a lot of social networking starting from 4 PM but sometimes I try to sell my articles to bigger websites.

Originally I started off at the freelance website technewsia where I started writing articles about Bitcoin before moving to Adventure Bitcoin. It was great until it’s shut down in July giving me only 2 months to actually do anything. Plus, I got tipped several thousand Dogecoin per article. After the shutdown, I completely migrated my articles that survived to Adventure Bitcoin and started all over again.

I recommend going to /r/jobs4bitcoins on Reddit to check out Bitcoin paying freelance jobs but they also offer full-time and part-time. I normally look there but so far no one has replied to me when I ask them if I could join their Crytoccurency websites.

The problem with freelancing is the retirement and pension plans. You have also no proper insurance so you have to do the stuff yourself. I don’t know, I’m still young but sometimes I just need something to do.


Angus is the Editor-In-Chief and creator of Technology Is Key. He enjoys tech and business and also runs Adventure Bitcoin.

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