Mining with your harddrive for Burstcoin

After taking Burstcoin’s Wallet and Miner for a spin, it was impossible for me to figure out how to work it. I didn’t really understand the instructions or how to mine after the installation but only got as far as allocating 1GB HDD to mine. I might need some help or maybe I need some time to familiarize myself with the interface. While launching the miner window, I saw that it wasn’t looking like a traditional Cryptocoin miner with the continuous lines of words but it only had what it needed making it really organized. Sadly, I still don’t understand what is going so I just went on the faucets that they gave me to earn 1 Burstcoin but I didn’t know there was a 1 Burstcoin fee to change the profile so now I’m back at 0. Hmm.. maybe you can check it out but I won’t be of much help. 
burstcoin faucet burst wallet
Oh, and if you want, you could tweet some screenshots to me @angusleung100 on Twitter!


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