My Bauer endure

For the first time, I am actually posting something hockey related. Since I am a pretty big hockey fan, I love my sticks and I will never forget my first composite hockey stick: the CCM Octo SE. Well, it has been about a year or so and I have decided that even though my CCM stick hasn’t cracked or broke, I need a lighter stick.

After checking everything out, I decided to go with either the Bauer Nexus 2000 or the Bauer Endure because I only play recreational hockey on the Outdoor rinks. My final decision was the Endure and now I love it! I’m pretty sure Zeal cancelled my Ambassador membership but still, I just love my Endure. It’s really light and weighs as much as half the weight of my CCM which is a big change.

I haven’t tested it on the ice but I have been playing around with it in my basement and room but I gotta say, it is a littlw longer than my CCM but I might need to get used to that. Normally, I practice in my room at 11PM for fun but let’s just say that for some reason I actually lack the room to handle the Endure.

All in all, at $120, its worth the money and is really light. It weighs almost the same weight as a nexus 2000 and has a nice curve. Using the P14 Toews design, just the looks themselves bring the price up by $30.


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