IOS 9 is out! and installation

I haven’t been checking the news much but I am right now trying to update my Ipod 5th generation to IOS 9. I haven’t tested it out but I really want to see what it has in store for me. Anyway, my charging cable is messed up and my home button is broken so I don’t really see why not to update since it has been running slow for the last few weeks. While talking with an Apple tech support agent, they told me that IOS 9 will offer better optimization for older devices running the A5 chip and up.

While I’m waiting, I might as well explore and it’s features.

After downloading the entire installation package, it turns out that IOS 9 requires 770MB of free space so now I have to wait a little longer to free up space. By the way I never noticed that Street Fighter took up 1 GB.

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