Story Saturday: The upgrade to IOS 9

Well, after 2 blog posts, it is time to tell you the pros and cons of using IOS 9 on an Apple device with an A5 chip and 512 MB RAM. The Apple support agent told me that IOS 9 would have better optimization for older devices but after getting IOS 9, I have ran into a lot of LAG and even a full shutdown. Yesterday night, I experienced a CPU overload and a complete shutdown but luckily it turned back on today when I got home. By the way right now is 9:20PM. I have decided that I might have to downgrade back to IOS 8.4 which will give me several more years before getting a new device because I am trying my best to keep my ipod. But still, I am still planning on an Iphone later on in life.

Why stay with Apple when you could go with Android?

I have owned 2 Android devices and the outcomes have been horrible. When I was in Grade 6, I got my first Android device known as the Samsung Galaxy TAB 2 but about 2 years later, it has gotten VERY slow and to the point that I can only use it to check my email and social networks. My Xiaomi Redmi 1s is a little better but has shown a decent amount of lag and sometimes even crashes after I installed some of my messaging apps but the good news is MIUI offers a built-in optimization tool to better optimize your system. The only reason I bought the Redmi was because it felt like an IOS device. In the end, the two Android devices have none of the apps I mostly use in my life such as Imessage and Facetime but Xiaomi can actually challenge Apple’s Isight camera.


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