OnePlus X in 2015?

Even though OnePlus released the OnePlus 2 in the summertime, they have decided the release of a more affordable version called the X. The X will will sport a Snapdragon 801 with a nice $249 price tag making it one of the most awkward Android or IOS situations of all time.

If OnePlus were to release the OnePlus X in October, I wish them luck due to the high popularity of the Iphone 6s selling some 13 million units in just 3 days. With Black Friday and Cyber Monday coming up, there will be no way OnePlus can do anything this October.

After looking at various photos, the design will take a very “rectangular” shape and a fingerprint sensor at the back. My biggest curiosity is the dual cameras at the back which are supposed to make taking pictures better.

oneplus 2 mini 2oneplus x mini



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