My Shakespeare moments

I am neutral towards Shakespeare’s work but I still find Victor Hugo’s Les Miserables better. Even though I have learned Shakespeare’s Globe theater and plays in drama class, his work is a puzzle. I remember the sonnet we had to decipher in class. It took us like 30 minutes and was as hard as the Enigma codes. Well, since I HIGHLY recommend you watch Crash Course, I will put in the links to their videos on the story of Romeo and Juliet but I like I said before, even though Shakespeare had redefined the English language and literature in general, Voltaire called him “a savage”.

“He was a savage […] who had some imagination. He has written many happy lines; but his pieces can please only at London and in Canada.”

 – Voltaire

I don’t really use Shakespeare’s work as an example to help me enhance the reading experience for a user in my short stories but I do study examples from authors that were influenced by Shakespeare.

If you want to check out John Green’s explanation of Romeo and Juliet, click on the video below.


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