Thoughts on the fault in our stars

In the novel The Fault In Our Stars, John Green created a lovely story to forge a necessary connection between Hazel and Augustus. Even though Hazel is still affected with cancer, Augustus is still madly in love with her and will do anything to make her happy. Even if she wants to meet her favourite Author Peter Van Houten in Amsterdam. From the encounter at a support group to a wild a romantic experience, I do say that John Green has outdone himself with the fault in our stars. While most novels I read include very descriptive detail, the fault in our stars offers an abundance of detail throughout the book but as well as a bucket of heart-warming quotes and phrases. Even though Hazel’s parents dislike Augustus trying to pry their daughter away from them, they are still quite supportive of the relationship between him and Hazel throughout the book. 

I highly recommend you read the book. Even though I spent 6 hours straight reading it, it is now 2 AM and I feel like I need some sleep. Well, now I can start reading Papertowns!


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