Thoughts on Papertowns

I spent 11 PM to 3 PM on Sunday night reading Papertowns and I say, it is worth the 5 hours of reading. Well, in the story, it talks about a boy named Quentin Jacobsen or Q who is madly in love with a girl that lives across the street known as Margo Roth Spiegelman. When Margo mysteriously enters Q’s room in the middle of the night, he is pulled into an awesome adventure overnight. But the next day, Margo mysteriously disappears and leaves a trail of clues with the main clue being “You will go to the Papertowns and you will never come back”.


A Papertown is a thing used by mapmakers to protect copyright. To protect their maps from being copied, they would put fake towns on the maps that only they would know making everyone think it would be a legitimate place.


Yes, I highly recommend it as well as The Fault in Our Stars because they are nicely written. John Green has made the love story so smooth and lovely. He uses a great way of putting the story in the point of view of Quentin allowing the reader to experience the story in Q’s shoes.


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