G2A.com accepting Bitcoin!

According to G2a and Coinwrite.org, G2a is now accepting Bitcoin. Using Bitpay, it can now offer Bitcoin as a form of payment to the user and so far, I quite like it.
 g2a checkout bitcoin
I tried out the Bitcoin payment option last night after hearing about it and it has made the buying part way more safer. Since normal credit cards just need the credit card number to buy items, Bitcoin wallets don’t put through a transaction until it is authorized by the wallet owner, making Bitcoin way more safer. Originally I didn’t really trust the sellers but hey, it was $2.13 for Medieval: Total War so I bought it anyway. Well, after using the majority of my Bitcoin wallet balance, I received an email and on it, was a message saying that my key is now in my account and the transaction was a success. Well, it took about 17 minutes for it to go through and it was 12:14 AM so I expected some good news. Now I got my Medieval: Total War but if I saved a little more, I could have bought Napoleon: Total War which was even better but it was double the money so yea…
g2a bitcoin pay g2a
After my success in buying a game from G2A with bitcoin, I am planning to buy other goods on G2a with it. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to play Medieval: Total War!
After the transaction went through, G2a sent an email telling me that I received the key. I love this notification thing. It makes me feel safe to know where my money went.
mail g2a
Bitcoin:  17BSYcFedo7P5EgkHpYz9VfK3Aa6X4d8LL


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