Hewlett-Packard splits into 2

Hewlett-Packard had recently announced the splitting of the company and stock trading on Monday due to some trouble with keeping up with the latest technology. With smartphones and tablet sales escalating, HP’s printer and computer monopoly has declined over the last few years. With fewer sales of some of its most popular products, the company is splitting into 2 halves, HP inc. and HP Enterprise. HP inc. will run the home and personal side of the HP company with personal computers and such while HP Enterprise will manage the business side with servers and other various tech resources.

After an attempt at the smartphone market, HP just couldn’t hold out in the battlefield against Apple, Samsung and Microsoft. The split is a great and a bad idea at the same time. It’s great because it is way safer for shareholders, but it is a bad idea because they practically took away the HP way and its family approach.




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