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There has been a decent amount of talk lately about the iPhone 7 after the 6s came out on September 25. So far, I have been reading from various websites and they have all said multiple things. Based off of some predictions from Macworld UK, I have compiled a few prediction specs that will give us all a basic idea of what the iPhone 7 might have.


Processor: A10 6-core
RAM: 2-3GB
Storage: 32, 64, 128GB

Macworld UK:

Yes, Macworld is guessing that Apple might get rid of the 16GB version like they did with the 8GB iPhone. With the increase in specs and processing power, there is more stuff a developer could put into an app or game and is just cool but 16GB just isn’t enough to keep a 2GB game and tons of music or photos. I myself use a 16GB iPhone right now and so far there isn’t much space taken up but on my iPod, there was a huge problem, out of 32GB of storage, I had only 2GB free within 3 years.


Apple Insider:

Some iPhone users are wondering if Apple will go back to the nice 4″ screen that the iPhone 5, 5c and 5s had and AppleInsider has posted an article talking about the return of the 5s but with better specs. Similar to the 5s, it will have the metal casing that the 5, 6 and 6s have but will come with a new variety of sensors and tricks up its sleeve. Apple Insider has said that the 4 inch iPhone will be another attempt by Apple to create an elegant budget phone for users who aren’t looking for the latest but for those who want the IOS experience.


Home button:

Something that really has people bugged is the home button. Macworld and BGR have both said that there might be a home button still, but it will be also part of the screen. Some designs that people created put the home button on the device, but it will also act as part of the screen making the entire phone a screen.



What to expect:

If you notice, there is something similar for the release dates of each iPhone. All the iPhones from the 5 to 6s were released sometime in September which means we might have the latest iPhones next year. Also, lately, Apple has been releasing 2 types of the same iPhone such as the 5s and the 5c, the 6 and the 6 plus as well as the 6s and the 6s plus. Get ready for 2 devices rolling out this year!

Personal Opinion:

Well, I certainly love Apple Insider’s prediction of a budget iPhone because I really want the 4-inch display back. Right now my 4.7″ display is just enough to fit my hand but I want a little more grip. I certainly would not want Apple to ditch the home button because it is one of the things that set Apple aside from it’s competitors and the bending screen would be weird. Well, we shall see next year in September?

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