BitPay payment review

Everyone in the Bitcoin world probably knows of Bitpay and its role in Bitcoin. Bitpay is the friendly merchant platform for stores and websites to easily accept Bitcoin. I decided to check it out and see if it is any good and I have to say, the customer service is excellent.
A week or so ago, Bitcoin’s value was at $430 and my wallet balance on Coinbase was $6.73 and just enough for Napoleon: Total War. I thought it was a good idea to put an extra $1.70 for G2A Protection and while goin through the transaction, the price dropped and I was several cents off. Eventually, the transaction expired and was underpaid. Since the transaction didn’t go through, any problem would have to be dealt with Bitpay support. After emailing them just once with the necessary information, it took a good 24h at least and I saw my Bitcoin back in my account.

Once I got my Bitcoin back, I learned a valuable lesson: Never make a transaction with the exact amount of Bitcoin, the value fluxuates a lot. I rate the Bitpay support a nice 4/5 if you ask me and they are really honest.

Go try out G2A yourself. It is technically the flea-market for games on steam.


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