Apple Music arrives on Android

Apple Music has completely changed the IOS music experience that today, Apple released the experience on Android. The app, still in beta has a basic Android look with the 3 line tab thingy. Well, even if it has radio, discovery and the ability to sync your entire iTunes library, it is still not the full thing so far. Right now, Apple Music’s native Android app is missing the ability to sign up for family sharing and the music videos aren’t working yet.

Apple Music on Android Image
picture via Techcrunch

This time, Apple takes it a little different for Android. The company wanted to make the app a little more different and changed the layout of the app to make an Android app feel to it. After checking out the pictures on Techcrunch, I noticed that when you launch the app, you are greeted with large tiles and a classic Android “Hamburger” menu icon as they described it.

I’m excited for this, I’m waiting for it to come to the Canadian Play Store and want to compare it to the Android music player and Spotify to see which is better.



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