Apple has secret maps!?

While on, I saw this article that says that Apple secretly plots the locations you are at and just keeps them there on the local storage. Since they said it was real, I made it a quest to find it and within a minute, I found out that it logged my location and several other locations that I went to in 2 weeks. This poses a security threat if someone were to gain access to your IOS device. I am not taking my chances and deleted the logs just in case. I’m not going to lose my phone or anything but just in case IOS somehow has trojan horses.

Here are the uproxx instructions:

To dig it out, you have to select Privacy from Settings, choose Location Services, go all the way down to the bottom of that menu and choose System Services, and then scroll down to “Frequent Locations.” Click on one of your locations, and there’s the map. Click through to a location on that map, and you’ll get a list of days and times you were at that location.

What is even better is that after you delete your logs, you could disable the frequent locations feature. I did.


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