Blackberry Vienna? Wait.. what!?

Judging from an article on, it seems that Blackberry is thinking the Priv is not going to save Blackberry on its own and needs some backup. In the article, it states that John Chen, CEO of Blackberry confirmed the planning of various products after the release of the Priv.

The Priv with its $900 pricetag is even more expensive than the iPhone 6 which is kind of amazing. Dubbed the “Vienna” on Crackberry, the images show a Priv looking device with an integrated keyboard which I don’t find useful when it is not in use. Blackberry’s original goal was to sell 5,000,000 units, but now John Chen realizes that it is not going to be easy since the majority of users would prefer IOS and Android. 
In order for Blackberry to regain it’s ground, it needs to see what its competitors are doing and attempt to do better. A $900 device isn’t going to attract many buyers but it will attract the press. I love Blackberry’s premium ways but honestly, it needs to “let go” of the it’s classic physical keyboard. I wish Blackberry luck in Q4 and hope a more affordable version of the Priv comes out.
BlackBerry Vienna


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