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For a while now, or should I say the last 3 days, I have been learning how to code on Codecademy. I actually like using it because there is no sound and no video that would make me impatient and I can learn at my own pace without pausing and rewinding a piece of media. After completing some website making courses, I decided to take an actual course and now I am 40% complete the HTML course. Fun! Today I decided I needed something to do to keep my mind off this English thing we have to do tomorrow so I sat down at my new Linux computer and just started coding on Bluefish Editor. In the end, I created some crazy website with Shrek and John Cena and started fooling around with the CSS. Now I put it on Bitbucket and I am trying to figure out how to host my repository on Bitbucket as a website.

After numerous Google searches, I found the best editor to do the job, Bluefish Editor. It is quite easy to use and has this thing where when you click on a <p> or a <div> and so on, it will highlight the closing one as well. I like that feature honestly. Even though I haven’t tried Atom Editor, Bluefish works just as fine for Linux users like me who can’t figure out how to install stuff.

Sadly, Codecademy does not send you certificates of achievement or participation so if you REALLY want to add that to your LinkedIn profile or resume, You should take a snapshot of your profile or include a link.

I highly recommend Codecademy to anyone who is a beginner in software development or just wants to do some training. It is a little annoying when it says “Syntax ERROR” and doesn’t show anything sometimes but otherwise, it is a great place to learn Ruby, HTML, PHP, MySQL and now they even added Git!


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