Let’s talk about Tatiana Coin

So, you are an artist and you want to go big but studios don’t want to give you the necessary funding you need to achieve your goal. Well, back in 2014, the very first artist coin was launched, named Tatiana Coin. Funded by Bitcoin and XCP, it costs $0.05 per Tatiana Coin and has the ability to be redeemed for backstage access, music, merchandise and can even be traded with other Tatiana Coin holders.

“They allow an artist to gather support from their community through long-term fundraising. Imagine, as a fan, becoming that much more entwined with the careers of your favourite musicians, visual artists, and other content creators.”

-Tatiana, http://tatianamoroz.com/tatiana-coin/

Using the Counterparty protocol, Tatiana Moroz created a cryptocurrency that was given with Bitcoin donations from scratch with a group of programmers with some frustration and in the end, her album “Keep the Faith” was funded with the support of Tatiana Coin.

This step to create a cryptocurrency targetted at artists is different yet… gives a sense of opportunity to an artist. As a result, I support this Tatiana Coin and I want to see where Tatiana Coin takes me. As I am typing this, I am most likely trying to figure out how to buy Tatiana Coin from the website with Bitcoin. The website requires at least 20 Tatiana Coins minimum to be bought with Bitcoin and anything less will have to be bought with XCP.

You can buy Tatiana Coins here:


You can read more about the cryptocurrency here:



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