Google News taken over by cars this weekend?

Lately on Google News, I am trying to find things to write about and so far, all I see is cars. Personally, I have no interest in cars and only have an interest in tanks. After CES, Google News erupted with articles from all over the internet on cars and their capabilities.

The only interesting topics I actually like writing about are computers and cryptocurrency but over the weekend, I just can’t seem to find anything other than Bitcoin’s 15% drop which I will link down below.

Above is a picture of my screen when I check the technology section, as you see, Nissan, Infiniti, Lexus, Ford and driverless cars are taking over. Since Google News isn’t my only source for interesting topics, I also go to, which gives me some of the latest news from different cryptocurrency websites and also my Twitter. 
I completely understand that there are people that like cars and I respect that. I also know that driverless cars and smart technology in cars are taking over such as the stuff in Tesla and BMW. Amazing pieces of technology by the way.

Bitcoin drops by 15%:

Bitcoin: 1MPT97jbM4zy5FEgZyKcYjqK2t3GHU5QgZ


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