Remix OS vs Chrome OS?

Lately, Google has been attempting to incorporate Chrome OS and Android and are still at it. Fortunately, a company known as Jide is creating a hybrid OS which gives you all the nice desktop applications and Android app experience without the normal Chromebook limitations.

With the support for multitasking, the Google Play store and even right-click support, Remix OS might become a rival to Linux. Being built on Android, you will always get the nice mobile and desktop experience all rolled into one OS that resembles Zorin OS in a way. 
According to PC World, the operating system is based off of Android’s x86 (64-bit). The company has already released 2 devices that come loaded with Remix OS known as the Ultra Tablet and the Remix Mini. The Ultra Tablet is a 11.6″ Android tablet ready for action with a generous 2GB RAM and a Nvidia Tegra 4*1 A15  processor clocked at 1.81Ghz. Pretty good specs for a tablet to be honest. The Remix Mini on the other hand, looks like a media center giving you a 1.2Ghz quad-core cortex A53 with 64-bit architecture. 
Other than hardware, the thing that sets Remix OS away from Android OS is the file manager. Instead of Android’s simple copy, paste, cut, delete, etc, Remix allows more than that and has a great user interface, sleek and simple.
Remix OS has even gone as far as to add Microsoft Office support on its operating system, something that could have never been achieved if you were using Chrome OS. Using Office for Android, this means you get the features of a Microsoft Office on a desktop while you have to use Microsoft’s Sky Drive for Chrome OS as a work-around.
You can even invade Linux’s best feature of invading the homes of Windows and Mac OS by flashing a USB and installing it on your PC and selected Macs, allowing you to use your own system to run Remix instead of being restricted to the 2GB RAM that comes with the Mini. This will allow more flexibility and opportunity by giving more USB ports, an intel processor and the best part, better graphics.
Jide’s philosophy while making Remix OS was simple, it had to have simplicity, intuition and vitality and the facts I listed above are only part of the long list of features Remix OS offers. You better go to their official website to find out more.
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