The single-board PC that mines!?

Is it possible to run a Bitcoin miner on a Raspberry Pi, Orange Pi or Banana Pi? Well, first off the graphics on the boards were never designed to handle high GPU usage and were more focused on the ability to develop/program hardware and software. Well, 21 inc has made a revolutionary single-board PC that can do mine.

With a whopping price tag of 1.0383 BTC ($399 USD), the 21 Bitcoin Computer isn’t the most wallet-friendly but it does pack a punch when it comes to ability and performance. The entire kit comes with:

  1. WiFi Adaptor
  1. 128GB SD card with a full copy of the blockchain
  1. laptop to device cable
  1. Raspberry Pi 2 (1GB RAM)
  1. power supply

The integrated chip on the board is amazing, calculating at about 50 GigaHashes per second, the 21 Bitcoin Computer is able to be a good computer and Bitcoin miner if you are wondering what else to do with it. The 21 Bitcoin Computer is the best board that targets blockchain technology. If you own a 21, just the ability to mine Bitcoin shifts the tide of the market for Bitcoin enthusiasts who are wanting to get their hands on a development board that includes a Raspberry Pi with the computer.

 Since there is a Raspberry Pi connected to the 21, this enables a wide variety of programming languages to be used to further enhance the experience and usage of the 21 Bitcoin Computer using languages such as python, ruby, C, and practically anything that can be downloaded on Linux.

The 21 inc. website includes a nice guide and a library of tutorials of various applications and games, for example the website includes a little tutorial named “Translate English to Chinese for Bitcoin” using the Google Translate API. The 21 Bitcoin Computer is an amazing device for anything blockchain related and is backed by Qualcomm and even Cisco.

On the About page for 21 inc it states, “the Internet required an enormous hardware infrastructure buildout before its potential as a software platform could be realized. That’s where we come in. We believe that Bitcoin isn’t going to happen simply by dropping a line of JavaScript into a webpage. Someone needs to build the full-stack infrastructure for Bitcoin, from silicon to software.”.

21 inc. understands that there is a lot of potential in Bitcoin but the fate of Bitcoin rests in the hands of the developers and bitcoin users. Are you a developer or user? What will you develop? Remember, nowadays, only the sky is the limit.

You can purchase the board at:


Bitcoin: 17BSYcFedo7P5EgkHpYz9VfK3Aa6X4d8LL


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