Studying: Day 1

So, highschool exams are right around the corner and I feel the need to start studying but at the same time I feel calm (which is a good thing). I don’t have a game plan whatsoever but I might have to start thinking how I am going to tackle the exams I have this semester. I decided to just keep writing on my blog to relieve stress and right now I am starting to run out of ideas to write about.

Since my first exam is geography, I believe it is necessary to study for that since it requires a textbook, so I brought my textbook home to study for a good 2 days. Well, time to get back to studying and recollecting so yeah… 11:38AM and I am studying (wow, that’s a first).

“May the force be ever in your favor, Mr. Potter” -Gandalf the gray, Doctor Who


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