offers a new way to accumulate Bitcoin through spare change

The team at have produced an app that puts the spare change that you have while purchasing something with your debitcard and exchanges it for Bitcoin. Built around Coinbase’s wallets and it uses the change you accumulate to automatically buy Bitcoin. Since Bitcoin’s value is still fluctuating, by the time you notice, you could either have doubled your original amount of change, or lost a little bit. On it says that it has a feature that will make sure you won’t lose too much during a dramatic price drop.

The best part is that Lawnmower doesn’t even add an additional transaction fee on top of Coinbase’s so that you won’t lose too much money on the transaction fee.

Don’t like the automatic investments?

If you don’t like the automatic investment part of the app, you could just disable it easy in settings but I still suggest keeping it on since Bitcoin’s value is still fluctuating.

Sounds kinda unsafe…

Don’t worry too much, uses Plaid security to do any transactions and anything to do with your accounts. Offering encrypted connections as well as alerts just in case your stuff get messed around with or that’s what they say. Read more about the API at:

$5 promotion bonus!

For a time period, Lawnmower is offering a special $5 bonus for new signups. Get started with your sign up and you will receive $5 in your Coinbase account. You just need to link a payment method and phone number and you will get your $5 as soon as it is approved.

Want more info? Just check out:


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