IBM takes Swift for Cloud

Tech giant IBM, has announced on their News Room that they are officially integrating Swift into their cloud platforms by delivering a Swift Sandbox that can enable developers to create programs in Swift from your web browser wherever in the world.

With the ability to take screenshots and sharing, plus their own framework known as “Kitura” and a Swift package to start you off in a Linux environment. Plus, according to IBM, their engineers love using Swift because it requires less lines of code and with the help of Xcode, can debug faster.

So far, IBM is releasing an early version of the Swift Package Catalog with some critical features to better enhance your IBM Bluemix experience.

Swift is still relatively new and is slowly being adopted by many companies as an alternative to Objective-C so that the creation of IOS, tvOS, WatchOS and Mac OS is sped up, reducing costs and virtually expanding IBM’s cloud services.



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